Ride Battle: Pirates of the Carribean vs Tron Lightcycle Power Run

☆Ride Battle: Pirates of the Carribean vs Tron Lightcycle Power Run☆

Since today celebrates the cinematic release of both Pirates and Tron. We thought we would take a look at the attractions they spawned. Not only that, let’s put them toe to toe. How will the singular Tron ride (soon to be another), fair against the five established Pirates of the Carribean rides? Lets find out…

☆6☆ Pirates of the Carribean (Tokyo)
Where Shanghai was an originator, Tokyo was a copier. Nothing wrong with the ride but if you’ve experienced the American versions, you won’t find much different here.

☆5☆ Pirates of the Carribean (Orlando)
The first pirates ride we ever rode. We loved following Jack through the scenes, which still look stunning to this day. A shortened version of Aneheim but has alot of nostalgic value for us.

☆4☆ Pirates of the Carribean (Aneheim)
Got to show the original some love, it did spur on the amazing film series and the creations the rides that followed it. It’s also the longest of the pirates ride, clocking in at around 15 minutes.

☆3☆ Pirates of the Carribean (Paris)
Paris got a treat here, not a copy of it’s predecessors but an upgrade. Improved audio animatronics, changes to the rides including the drops. A breath of fresh air, keeping faithful to the old but bringing something new.

☆2☆ Pirates – Batte for the Sunken (Shanghai)
The east sure know how to make rides. This takes the template of the pirates rides and turns it on it’s head. When the ride was built they wanted more the guest floating around a story, they wanted visitors to be immersed. Everything is changed in the ride system mixing the feel of a coaster, with a multitrack ride that weaves through battles as influenced by the movies. If you can get here you should, this is an all new Pirates experience.

☆1☆Tron Lightcycle Power Run (Shanghai)
We LOVE the Pirates rides. But this is quite possibly the best ride in ALL of Disney’s parks. On looks it’s stunning, the futuristic design looks like it will last for decades yet and still feel fresh. The lighting is incredible, have you ever ridden this at night? It’s like riding a second ride, even more stunning than the day light. The ride itself is emerseive from line to end. Nothing is quite like it. The ride vehicle is thrilling, the fastest coaster Disney owns and the seating makes you a part of your own light cycle. We can’t rave about this enough, although it’s about to face it’s own competition when the ride comes to Magic Kingdom, surely they can’t improve on this???

Do you agree with our ranking? Let us know in the comments.

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