Our Favourite Disney Pre Orders From IWOOT

☆Our Favourite Disney Pre Orders From IWOOT☆

One of our most loved Disney Merch suppliers is iwantoneofthose.com @iwootofficial The have such a varying supply of products, you don’t just see everywhere. And right now they have a bunch of Disney items available for Pre Order. Below is our pick of the best.

☆Pop Figures☆
☆Ursula w/Glowing Trident (£29.99) Due. July 20th.
☆Mulan on Khan (£29.99) Due. July 21st
☆Woody with RC (£29.99) Due. July 20th

IWOOT has a ton of Funko Pop’s on preorder, do check them all out to see a number of your Disney favourites. There is a heavy emphasis on characters features in recent and upcoming live action, including Mulan, Lion King, Aladdin and more. We always especially like the larger figures like Ursula (complete with a glowing trident)

☆Pop Keychains☆
☆Dumbo (£10.99) Due. Sept 18th
☆Stitch and Angel Double Pack (£10.99) Due. Sept 11th
☆Minnie and Mickey Double Pack (£10.99) Due. July 20th.

We adore this little keyring range from Funko. We imagine they will be a hit right away. We especially love the Stitch and Angel double pack, great value for the two.

☆Disney Traditions☆
☆Amorous Amphibians (Tiana and Naveen) (£32.99) Due Aug 30th. A film with alot of exposure right now will help sales of this item, a very sweet depiction of the two frogs.

☆Enchanting Disney Collection☆
☆I’m Out Of Here Aladdin (£109.99) Due 31st July. Adorable model depicting the final scene,  and the stunning “vacation genie” isn’t often featured, we love it.

Make sure to check them out at iwantoneofthose.com for all the above and more, and take advantage of the pre orders so you don’t miss out on release day.

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📸 iwantoneofthose.com

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