Our Guide To The Shortest Lines When Magic Kingdom Reopens

☆Our Guide To The Shortest Lines When Magic Kingdom Reopens.☆

We are less than a week away from Magic Kingdoms grand reopening. We can’t wait. But with no fast pass or virtual lines. Everyone will be going old school and relying on stand by lines. We would imagine there will be long waits for the likes of Space Mountain and Dwarfs Mining Train. If you really want to make the most of the lines and fit in a bunch of attractions on your return, here is our guide to all rides which should get you through the line in 25 minutes or less (Bases on July’s visitors, although lines may be even shorter than normal due to reduced capacity. Here we go…

☆Astro Orbiter (15-25mins)
With so much else going on in Tommorrow land many skip right past this sky high flight.

☆Barnstormer (5-25mins)
This is a very fast moving line, we have ridden it a couple times in succession with time to spare before.

☆Dumbo (10-24mins)
Hopefully they have both rides running, this line moves very fast. Although we aren’t sure if the kids indoor play area will be open due to the high cleaning involved.

☆It’s a Small Word (10-20mins)
Boats are coming along constantly, plus there’s tons of air con. We visit this every time for a bit of a park break.

☆Mad Tea Party (5-10mins)
Loading of the cups often takes longer than the ride itself, very quick turnover.

☆Magic Carpets (10-20mins)
The ride line is very short, you’ll be on this in no time with time to spare for a Dole Whip after.

☆PeopleMover (2-10mins)
The whole ride is a conveyor belt, keeps lines moving fast. 
☆Regal Carousel (5-10mins)
Similar to Mad Hatter, line looks huge but moves very fast.

☆Under the Sea (5-20mins)
Plenty of ride vehicles that move constantly, a nice cool line as well.

We figure it is a good plan to mix in a bunch of these with your favourite big ride to make the most of your time. Everyone will be rushing to the bigger attractions so you can really get your time back by planning your route and optimising the shorter lines.

Which ride will you be going on first? Let us know in the comments.

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