Talent Interview – Beyond The Mouse Podcast

☆Talent Interview – Beyond The Mouse Podcast☆

It is our pleasure once again to present you with an incredible interview from the talented trio of Craig, Vanessa and Brett who’s going to take the Podcast world by storm with @beyondthemousepod With a mix of film analysis to exclusive interviews of their own with some amazing names from the World of Disney. We can’t wait to see who they’ll get next. But for now, it’s our honour to sit down with Craig representing Beyond The Mouse Podcast.

COME: Craig, we are immensely grateful to have you with us. Please tell our readers. How long have you been doing the podcast and what made you get started?

BTM: I started The Front Row Network with a friend 5 years ago. We begun by talking nerd films and broke our network into 8 different shows. Beyond the Mouse (BTM) started in 2018. Podcasting is such a fun way to hang out and discuss the films we all love.

COME: That’s cool. It’s very impressive that you already had a strong platform to launch from. And we are super glad a Disney Podcast emerged. So how did you become a trio?

BTM: We [Brett and Vanessa] met through local community theatre in Springfield, IL

COME: So the three of you have a strong entertainment background. It comes through in your work. So, tell me. Who’s incharge of what behind the mic?

BTM: Technically, I was the original host of BTM, but we tend to take turns on topics and research. Brett and Vanessa are invaluable to the process.

COME: No doubt, so how do you decide what to talk about between you?

BTM: We chat about what’s of interest to us, it might be a film or a parks episode. We try to keep it fresh and find guests that fit the given topic. For instance, I love our Snow White episode. It featured the host of Front Row Classics and a local animator. Both were so great!

COME: That was a good one, and that’s what sets you apart, these original episodes with unique guests. Which brings us nicely to some of the legends that have appeared on your shows, how did these come about?

BTM: I had previously interviewed director Kevin Lima at a film festival. So, I reached out to him on Twitter and he came on for a full episode on A Goofy Movie. He gave us the advice that sometimes in life you just have to “ask for it.” So, we started asking. To our surprise these guests have said yes. They’ve all been so gracious with their time. I can’t wait to see whom we talk to next!

COME: Us either, we loved the show with Bob Gurr, especially since we had just watched him on the @disneyplus series The Imagineering Story. Please tells us more about that Kevin Lima interview.

BTM: It was at the film festival in 2017. I interviewed Kevin Lima, director of Tarzan, A Goofy Movie and Enchanted. But perhaps even more nerve racking was speaking to his wife, Brenda Chapman. Brenda is an Academy Award winning director for Brave. She’s amazing!

COME: She really is, maybe she could be a future guest herself?

COME: So what kind of topics can listener’s expect?

BTM: At my heart I am a movie nerd. I love that Disney and Pixar give us films that are layered. They don’t speak down to the audience, like other children’s films. Give me a new Disney movie and a microphone to talk about it, and I’m in heaven.

COME: So between the three of you, what would you say your specialist subjects are?
BTM: Brett loves the parks and the history of it all. Vanessa is fantastic at parks tips and tricks. I’m the movie guy.

COME: Sounds like you’ve got all angles covered. Well you are the movie buff of the group, so which Disney films inspire you most?

BTM: Inside Out. I love it. I loved playing it for my son. We all have a complex set of emotions, and those emotions make us who we are. It takes both joy and sadness to make a person. I think too much we hide from our emotions. This film inspired me to really evaluate how I think about my own emotions.

COME: Onto the Disney Parks what are your earliest Disney Park memories?

BTM: I went with my grandparents when I was pretty young. I distinctly remember the 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea attraction. Which is cool, because when I went to Castaway Cay I had the chance to snorkel to the Nautilus.

COME: What an awesome memory. That is definitley a ride that hasn’t been forgotten. What’s your current favourite park attraction?

BTM: For nostalgia: Peter Pan’s Flight. For thrills: Expedition Everest

COME: So when was the last time you went to the parks? And when us your next trip planned?

BTM: Two years, we love Disney World in the fall. It was our son’s first trip and we stayed at Art of Animation.I personally have never been to Disneyland. A fact that my cohosts will never let me forget. I need to get there soon!

We had a trip scheduled for April, that was canceled due to Covid-19.

COME: That’s too bad, hopefully we’ll all be back soon. How do you think the parks will change following Covid?

BTM: I think we will all be more cognizant of cleanliness. I trust Disney will continue to up their level of service and cleanliness.

COME: I agree, I imagine the measures implemented on reopening will develop and become more refined. Speaking if reopening, do you agree with them opening at this time?

BTM: Wooof that’s a hard question. I will punt the question and just say that I don’t have any plans to visit the parks in 2020.

COME: Fair enough, we understand that. Well Craig this has been very enlightening, for your time we thank you. But to end, may we ask one final question of the Podcast. Who would you love to get on the podcast in the future.

BTM: I love talking to Imagineers… I love seeing how they develop the attractions we all love. Kevin Rafferty, Charita Carter, Tony Baxter I’d love to speak to all of them! Oh! Also, my reach interview… it would be so great to speak to Kevin Fiege.

COME: We would be very unsurprised to see some of those names appear. Before we go, where can folks find you on social media and online? And where can they listen to your podcast?

BTM: Follow us on IG at beyondthemousepod

Facebook at Beyond the Mouse Podcast

Our shows can be found on all major podcast apps and at NPRIllinois.org

COME: Thank you again to Craig and Beyond The Mouse Podcast. We can’t reccomend enough that you go give it a listen and subscribe, they are a great listen. And be sure to follow @beyondthemousepod for all the updates on the latest episodes.

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