Legends Series – Joe Rohde

☆Legends Series – Joe Rohde☆

Not many have had an Imagineering career quite as prolific as Joe Rohde. If you have ventured to Disney Parks you have no doubt seen his work. His rise through the ranks from 1980 until now has been as spectacular as his creations. Let’s take a look at this incredible mans legacy in some of his grandest creations.

☆Expedition Everest. Rohde was the lead creator behind Everest. It’s not every day an Imagineer creates a Disney mountain. For any imagineer this collosal $100 million mountain would be a career highlight….but Joe has made even more than that.

☆Pandora – World of Avatar. Rohde would return to Animal kingdom once more. And across 7 years, would create TWO major attractions within the only expansion of Animal Kingdom since it’s opening.

Joe has come a long way from being a designer at Epcot. Helping to create the Mexico Pavillion, as well as Norway and the Captain EO attraction with Michael Jackson. His other most known creation at Disney World was the, now closed, adventurers club.

Oh and there’s more….Rohde would head over to the west coast where he worked on the original refurbishment of Fantasyland. His most recent accomplishment at Disneyland was the transformation of Tower of Terror into Guardians of the Galaxy: Mission Breakout.

Known for his globe trotting Mr Rohde has had a hand in many of Disneys world wide projects. Designing the magnificent Aulani resort in Hawaii. Plus you can even find him immortalised at Tokyo DisneySea at the Hightower Hotel. If you ever get a chance to see it’s owner Harrison Hightower you may just see a stark resemblance.

The veteran executive of Walt Disney Imagineering and now also the Global Creative Leader of Marvel Properties. Joe Rohde is as mighty and formidable as Everest itself.

Which of Rohde’s creations have you experienced? Which is your favourite? Let us know in the comments below. For me, Expedition Everest is a ride never forgotten, and for what our money’s worth, his grandest creation of all.

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Image: https://bit.ly/2BFAo8y


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