What would 4th July have looked like at Disney World?

☆What would 4th July have looked like at Disney World?☆

Unfortunately Disney World wasn’t open in time for 4th of July this year. Even if it was, parades and fire works won’t feature at reopening. But here is a run down of how celebrations went in 2019. And we hope to all be together celebrating Independence Day at Disney in 2021.

July 4th 2019

☆Magic Kingdom☆

☆”Celebrate America: A fourth of July Concert in the Sky. This was the signature firework show with a special light show, projections and music.

☆Muppets Great Moments in History: The Muppets returned to Liberty Square with a second floor show by Hall of Presidents.

☆Hoedown Throwdown: A DJ show in Frontierland.


☆Heartbeat of Freedom: A patriotic finale fireworks and light show following Illuminations: Reflections of Earth.

☆Voices of Liberty: American concert performed during the day at the America Pavillion.

☆Patriotic Meet and Great: Appearences by favourite Disney Characters in more traditional American costume.

☆Food, Drink and Merch☆
☆All parks with have speciality snacks and drinks for the event and theirs always some special merch to watch out for.

We can’t wait for the return of celebrations in 2021, and with it being the 50th anniversary of Disney World you can be sure they’ll pull out all the stops.

And finally, while you can never replace the atmosphere of Fireworks over the castle, here’s the next best thing. The full 4th July Fireworks from Magic Kingdom in 2019 (Full credit to video creator)


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Image: Our own Uncle Sam Mickey from July 4th 2003.

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