How Hamilton Links to Disney

☆How Hamilton Links to Disney☆

If you’ve not watched Hamilton yet on Disney+. First of all, go watch it, then come back…we’ll wait

Welcome back….how good was Hamilton!!! So good we watched it twice! Music and story are stunning. This is going to draw alot of people to Disney’s premier steaming service. Broadway at it’s finest, made accessible to everyone. Very smart move on Disney’s part.

Now you might say, well how does Hamilton link to Disney, apart from streaming on it’s service? Let us tell you how, from some of it’s stars.

☆Lin-Manuel Miranda/Hamilton: Miranda stated alongside Emily Bunt in Mary Poppins Returns, he also wrote most of the songs in Moana. He’s set to song write for the upcoming Little Mermaid live action and another yet unnamed Disney project.

☆Chris Jackson/Washington: Speaking of Moana, Jackson provided the singing voice of Chief Tui.

☆Daveed Diggs/Lafayette: Speaking of The Little Mermaid. Diggs will be voicing Sebastian in the live action remake.

☆Jonathan Groff/King George: Frozen fans will know this name…Kristoff himself, staring in Frozen 1 and 2. (Hamilton and Frozen 2 debuted the same day on Disney+)

☆Phillipa Soo/Eliza Hamilton: Provided additional voices on Moana.
So actually Disney+ is the perfect home for this ground breaking production. And it’s stars, who will be known for a long time by Disney fans future and past.

What did you think of Hamilton? Let us know in the comments.

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