Talent Interview – @theblushingbrushes

☆Talent Interview – @theblushingbrushes☆

Today we have an incredible artist with us as part of our Talent series to promote the best in Disney Talent. This is a fantastic read and we hope you will all enjoy it too. Please give @theblushingbrushes a follow to see more  of her fantastic work. Let’s dive right in.

COME: Thanks for joining us, please share how you got into art, when did it all start for you?

TBB: I have been drawing and painting since I was in kindergarten.  I have always enjoyed it. As I got older and had more schoolwork to do, I had less and less time to paint.  When I was in my senior year in high school I was diagnosed with a brain tumor and underwent a 13 hour brain surgery, many days in the hospital, and 2 months of radiation.  One day an art therapist at the hospital brought me a sketch book and painting materials for me to try.  I hadn’t touched these things in over 4 years but I tried it.  It was the best thing I ever did for myself.  I found I could forget about my diagnosis, the treatments and being in the hospital when I painted.  I was in another world.  I haven’t stopped since. It always takes me away to a better place and puts a smile on my face!

COME: That is so inspiring. Thank you so much for sharing that, you are a very strong person. So how has art changed you in the past 7 years?

TBB: Through the creativity of art, I discovered a voice. It was a voice I could recognize: the Meghan that was there before surgery & radiation. The passionate part of me that no medical intervention could surgically remove. For me, painting was one more step toward feeling human again. Art was my way of documenting my life and pinpointing my soul at a time when I wasn’t sure who I was, what I was feeling or what was my future.  Making art inspired me with the courage to put myself out there and feel human again. I was a person again, and not just a patient. With each painting I completed I was not only able to get out my frustrations and worries but also build on my place of joy & gratitude 

Finding my heart in every canvas is a happy discovery. It is the sweet reward I receive every time a painting dries and is ready to be shipped.

COME: Wow, this is like talking to Bob Ross. I love the feelings you put into your work and how they impact you. This is a very special talk, we are off to a fascinating start. Do your paintings also help you through harder times?

TBB: Ironically, the darker the circumstances became, the more joyous paintings I created. Every tree seemed to be singing and dancing, although the teardrops and lightning bolts were always streaked across the bold backgrounds. Even though an onset of sadness prompted me to paint, the act of painting became very joyful for me. By the time I finished a painting, I was exhausted but extremely happy. The more I painted, the more in tune I became with my feelings. The biggest icing on the cake, has been the reactions & feedback I have been receiving on my artwork. 

COME: Very clearly. So when did you start painting Disney?

TBB: I did my first Disney painting of Ariel about 1 1/2 years ago.  I have always adored everything Disney but I didn’t have the guts to try a Disney painting until then.

COME: 18 months and you’re producing this quality of work! A born talent. So which are your favourite Disney characters?

TBB: I love all the Disney characters and their stories.  If I had time I would draw all of them.  If I had to pick favorites, I would say Ariel and Belle.  Ariel because what little girl wouldn’t want to be a mermaid?! 🙋🏼‍♀️.  With Belle I related to her growing up.  We both had brown hair. 🤣

COME: Now we are sure you are inundated with requests for commission, which are your most common requests?

TBB: My most common requests on commissions are dog paintings. I LOVE painting dogs because first of all who doesn’t like dogs! Secondly most of the commissions on dogs I get are for dogs that have passed away.  It brings me so much pleasure to be able to create something from which the family can get some comfort and remember their fur baby before the heart break.  I just love to paint, My hope is that I capture their dogs’ personalities the way they remember them.

COME: We are dog lovers too, and we can see why people would like your doggie creations. Maybe there’s a Disney dog painting in the future…So how about the parks, when were you last at Disney World?

TBB: The last time I was in Disney world was 3 years ago.  I was still extremely sick and was not even able to walk.  I rode a scooter throughout the park but it was fantastic even feeling so horrible like I did.  I plan to go back next year with my niece for the first time! It’s going to be magical to see that magical place from a toddler’s eyes.

COME: Bless you, I’m sure it will be even more magical the next time you go back. What are your earliest memories of Disney?

TBB: My earliest memories of Disney are as a toddler watching the classics like Cinderella, Toy Story, Lion King, Beauty and the Beast, 101 Dalmatians ……  the list goes on and on…

COME: So how about food and attractions at Disney World, what are some of your must do picks?

TBB: My favorite Disney food has to be the Mickey Mouse pancakes you get when you stay in Disney and the Mickey Mouse ice creams.  Both so iconic.  Honestly anything Mickey shaped😍. My favorite attraction is the Cinderella Castle.  I definitely have painted the Cinderella Castle in a couple of my pieces…

COME: Thank you so much again for this chat, it has been very eye opening and I’m sure everyone who reads this will have an even greater appreciation of your work. So to finish what is your goal with your paintings? Where would you like to see your work in the future?

TBB: A dream come true would be to collaborate with Disney on Art creations and characters.  It all stems back to giving back.  In one of the worst and sickest time in my life Art was my “medicine” my “therapy”.  I want to create pieces that bring joy and happiness to others as Art did for me

COME: That’s a great focus to have, amazing. So what are you working on right now?

TBB: I am currently working on 15 dog portraits but I also have a very special Disney painting I am working on.  You will have to follow me and see what it is….

COME: 100% everyone MUST do this. Thank you once again, this interview has been amazing, thank you for going so deep with us, we admire you massivley and adore your work. So if folks reading this want to follow you and your work, how do they find you?

TBB: You can find me on IG: https://www.instagram.com/theblushingbrushes/I’m currently working on a website 💗
Feel free to message me ANY questions or requests

Thank you to everyone who reads this, we will be posting many more interviews with Disney talent and Cast Members, there’s lots of cool stuff to come. If you have a talent or work with Disney, we want to chat to you. The best way to get in touch is to…

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