Disney Pin Trading 101

☆Disney Pin Trading 101☆

There is no company on the earth to do pin trading as magically as Disney. Disney pins are highly collectable, collecting them is highly addictive and many many people, us Included. Spend their lives amassing the biggest and most unique collections imaginable. But where  does it all begin? Where do you start? How do you trade? What are the rare ones? We’re going to break it all down right now…(This feature only deals with Official Disney Pin Traders Pins, there are fakes out there, we’ll also tell you how to spot real ones.)

☆Where to get Disney Pins☆

☆Buy them…They are available at all Disney Stores, ShopDisney, Disney Parks, Disney Resorts, Disney Cruises and Disney Events (D23). A food way to get going is to buy starter packs. These will come with a few pins and often a lanyard to get you on your way.

☆Trade them…The other way to get pins is to trade them, you’ll need some to get started but you can then trade with disney cast members who wear them on lanyards or have them displayed on boards. You can also trade at special events at some Disney Stores and in Disney Parks, Especially at Pin Traders in Disney Springs. You can also trade with people you meet in the parks. But again the only way to guarentee they are genuine, is to stick to cast members, or know what you are looking for.

☆How to spot fakes☆

Genuine pins will be well made. Metal, printed designs, imprinted Disney marks on the reverse. No plastic, no peeling stickers etc..
All Disney pins come with a Disney or Disney Pin Traders imprint on the back. Any sold by Disney or traded by Cast Members will be genuine.

So now you’ve got going, what should you look out for, what are the must have pins? Beware there are thousands and thousands out there at this point. But there are places to get exclusive pins plus hard to find pins elsewhere. Let’s break them down.

☆Special Event Pins☆
You’ll find these at events like Disney Park Halloween and Christmas Parties. New ride, resort or store openings. You’ll often find collections at Disney Store that will have pins festured. Events like D23 will always have exclusives.

☆Ride Pins☆
Ever ride Expedition Everest, or Space Mountain? Tower of Terror or Splash Mountain? Head for the nearest kiosk or store and you’ll be able to buy ride specific pins. Always check gift shops at rides or shows they probably have their own pin.

☆City Exclusive Pins☆
Every go to a Disney Store in London, Paris, New York etc…they’ll often have their own pins available.

☆Opening Pins☆
The last big event was Shanghai Disney which had a bunch of pins for their grand opening. You’ll see on the back of the pin limited to 300/500. So if ever a new park, land, attraction opens. Be on the look out for exclusive pins.

☆Limited Editions☆
Check the back they will be engraved with a limited edition mark.

☆Hidden Mickeys☆
These are so much fun to find. You will only find these with cast members, or on their pin boards. At park stores, attractions, resorts etc…If you are at an attraction and you don’t see a board, ask. They may have one behind the counter. Hidden Mickey pins are easy to spot as they have, a little Mickey head on the face of the pin. Also quite often these same pins may be part of a set. Turn the pin over and you’ll see “Hidden Mickey 1 of 5” that means there are say 4 more pins in this collection. There are many many collections like this, all pins in the collection will have a similar look/style. These are the most fun to find.

Look out for exclusive pins for Annual Passholders and DVC members..

☆Jumbo Pins☆
Can be found at Disney Stores more often but in parks too. Jumbo versions of regular pins, alot harder to find.

☆Pieces of History….Super Rare☆
We have a collection of these, they are super rare now but work looking for. We worked hard to get all ours together. There are 3 series currently for Disney World and 1 for Disneyland. We seriously hope the release more in the future. These are a very limited series where the pin represents a current attraction or resort and very often an attraction that is now closed or cannot be seen anymore. The pin itself is beautiful. But what’s special is the tiny globe attatched. In it you will find an actual piece of the attraction it represents. Again often from an attraction that may no longer exist. For us these are the pinnacle of pin collecting.

So hopefully this is enough to set you on your way. If we can give you one last tip. If you are ever in Disney Springs. Head to Pin Traders. The biggest seller of pins you will find, you can trade here also.

If you want to know anything else please drop us a question in the comments. Do you have a favourite pin? Ours is our Pieces of History Pin featuring Mickeys Sorcerors Hat once in Hollywood Studios with an actual piece of the now lost monument of Disney.

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