Why Earl of Sandwich should be called King of Sandwich

Locations: Disney World/Disney Springs & Disneyland/Downtown Disney
Type: Counter Service
Dining Plan: 1 Counter Service Point

Disney’s premier entertainment venues in Disney Springs and Downtown Disney are a perfect blend of great shopping and even greater food. There’s just so much to do. Perhaps you don’t want a big sit down meal, maybe you want to save a dining plan point for a signature meal later on in your vacation. Well we know of the perfect place to get an amazing brekfast, lunch or dinner. For a reasonable price and to leave you with a full belly. It’s our must stop shop every trip, Earl of Sandwich.

This place is amazing, freshly made sandwiches while you wait served hot or cold. They are a meal in themselves. You won’t find a counter of day old fillings to choose from. You choose from an array of amazing creations and minutes (yes these guys are real fast) your sandwich is ready. Seriously, order a fountain drink, by the time you fill it your buzzer will probably be going off for collection.  You can eat in or take it out and eat while taking in the sights of Disney.

So why are they so good? Read on as we break down some of our favourites, which is a really hard task by the way, but we’ll try. We are going to address the main menu here. But they do an amazing range of Breakfast Sandwiches,  and their unique “Breakfast Sauce” is amazing! …

Pick of Lunch/Dinner Sandwiches … Special Mention…

☆Buffalo Chicken Wrap… EoS also do Wraps and Salads. This is our favourite Wrap. The chicken is grilled and tender, smothered with cheese, tomato, Buffalo Sauce finished by the Bleu Cheese. Hot   and sweet. Mmm

The Sandwiches…

☆Holiday Turkey… This is our favourite sandwich ALL YEAR ROUND. Turkey, Gravy (in a sandwich!!!), Cranberry, Mayo and the awesome Cornbread Stuffing. Here it can be Christmas everyday. …

☆The Full Montagu… Named after the Father of Sandwiches. It’s a big one! Roast Beef AND Turkey. 2x cheese, lettuce, tomato and mustard. Probably their most famous sandwich for a reason, it’s THAT GOOD. …

☆Italian… This is our go to once we had too many Holiday Sandwiches. Salami, Ham, Capicola, Mortadella, Mozzarella, Tomato, Italian Seasoning and Dressing. Meat lovers paradise. …

☆Chipotle Chicken Avocado… Another fan favourite. Grilled chicken and avocado with bacon, cheddar and Chipotle sauce. Something different but very good, we love it. …

☆Earl’s Club… Tough to pick just one more but we are going with this classic because we LOVE their sandwich sauce. You’ll get Turkey, Bacon, Swiss, Lettuce and Tomato too. So so good. …

Guys there’s even more on their extensive menu, when you go home you’ll wish you could make sanwiches this good. Let’s be frank, these aren’t sandwiches, their meals inside bread! Sensational. … …

So the next time your in town, skip the big meal and tuck into a big sandwich instead, you won’t be sorry.Get the Holiday Turkey and tag us. We are in love with it.

If you’ve been before, tell us your favourite filling in the comments.

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