Tokyo Disney Reopens Today

☆Tokyo Disney Reopens Today☆

Tokyo Disney Resort is the latest Disney resort to reopen today and the final Asian resort with Shanghai and Hong Kong already open. Both Tokyo Disneyland and Disneysea have reopened today after a closure of 5 months since February.

The Tokyo parks are owned by Oriental Land rather than Disney themselves. However they seem to be following all the same procedures as announced for other Disney parks. Including reduced capacity (less than 50%), social distancing and temperature checks.

Advanced tickets will be needed to enter the parks and the same restriction of fire works and meet and greets will be in place. It seems parades will still operate however although characters will stay on the floats.

Extra cleaning of rides and facilities will be in place with extra air circulation indoors.

Tokyo Disney has always been one of our favourite parks and we are happy to hear they have opened. There have been no major issues reported at Shanghai or Hong Kong so we hope Tokyo also has a comfortable reopening.

Did you have a trip planned to Tokyo? If so when do you foresee going back? Let us know in the comments.

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News: CNN

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