This is how much the NBA is paying Disney

It has been reported on ESPN that the NBA is paying Disney $1.5million a DAY. To stay in 3 of Disneys resorts and use the Wide World of Sports for their games.

The NBA could be in residence for up to 3 months as 22 teams play 8 regular games plus playoffs. You can see why the price is high when you look at where they are staying. Disneys Grand Floridian, Coronado Springs and  Yaught Club resorts. If you’ve ever stayed at any of these, you’ll know room rates aren’t cheap, even if they got a bulk deal. Costs will further add up as they’ll have to be for food, entertainment and more.

NBA players won’t be aloud to visit the parks or Disney Springs so if you are staying on property seeing the players is unlikely.

The MLS will also be taking up a similar residence later this year so Disney are sure to bring in a big pay check.

How do you feel about Disney World hosting the NBA and MLS? Let us know in the comments.

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News: Yahoo Sports

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