Project: Small World, Big Talent

☆Project: Small World, Big Talent☆

Castle of Mouse Explorers is continuing not only to guide people in the best of Disney Parks and Merch. But we want to be a guide to the best Disney Talent out there. We see all the  time on our feed the amazing things you are all doing..we’ve seen bag designers, painters, podcasts, wallpaper designers, jewellery makers, baking queens and so much more. And it’s all incredible.

So, our way to give back to this amazing Disney community is through our new Project: Small World, Big Talent. We want to explore and get to know all about your creative talents. So if as a hobby or a business you have a Disney product or service. We want to feature you.

☆We will make a post promoting your work across our social media including Instagram. ☆You will get a featured article on our website promoting your work.
☆We would also love to interview you about your work and inspirations and publish this on our website and social media.

The big take away from this is that we want to HELP guide people to your creations. We will never charge for this service or ask for anything in return. We just want to give back.

So if we see a great post we will contact you to ask if you would like to have your product/service featured. You can also reach out to us in the comments or DM and we would love to feature you.

We already have two interviews coming out this weekend featuring an amazing artist and a super interesting podcast. We have already begun,  and want to help more people. So do get in touch.

Project: Small World, Big Talent. Giving back to the Disney community.

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