Marina Rentals – Seven Seas Lagoon

☆Marina Rentals – Seven Seas Lagoon☆

We would give anything right now to be back on the water of Seven Seas Lagoon and Bay Lake. Unfortunately these won’t be available during the reopening of resorts, but when they are available we highly reccomend it.

When we go out we take a Sea Racer, there are water craft for larger groups but these are by far the most fun. They are super easy to operate and you are given full instruction by the marina cast members. Prices for these go from $32 per half an hour. We took advantage of a full hour, it is so worth it.

View of the castle, Seven Seas Lagoon

The breeze from the waves is bliss. The views of Cinderella Castle, Space Mountain as well as the monorail and resorts are stunning. You’ll also be on the same waters as the resort boats and the ferry that goes from ticket center to Magic Kingdom. It’s a phenomenal experience and with out doubt the most relaxed you can be with the castle in view. Just keep out the way of those bigger boats.

Top tip if you’re taking kids aboard, bring a drink and maybe a fan, it can get pretty warm. Also kids may not want to sit still for a whole hour so maybe take them out for just half an hour.

Have you taken advantage of marina rentals? Let us know your experiences below.

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