Review: Slinky Dog Dash

☆Review: Slinky Dog Dash☆

☆The Facts

Location: Toy Story Land, Hollywood Studios, Disney World
Ride Type: Family Coaster, Small Drops
Height Requirement: 38″ minimum
Fast Pass: Tier 1
Wait Time: 60-120 mins
Child Swap: Yes
Ride length: 2mins approx
Speed: 40mph

Next Nearest Ride: Alien Swirling Saucers
Nearest Eatery: Woodys Lunchbox

Opening in June 2018 Slinky Dog was built as the center piece of the new Toy Story Land. Built as a larger than life Andy’s Backyard. Mack Rides built the ride, the only other Disney ride they built was Goofys Sky School in Disney California Adventure, but they have made rides in every other major park across the world. It is launch coaster with two large drops and a few smaller. The exciting part is half way around when you are stopped, pulled back and launched up a steep climb. We love the bumps after the second drop, sure to jiggle your lunch about. Once you are done you can take a look over the bridge to see how others enjoy the slingshot

Do take time to enjoy the cosmetics, it is a beautiful ride, vivid colours and we love the giant fencing around the edge really making you feel like you are in the back yard. Watch out at the end for Weezy a brilliant creation in audio animatronics. We advise making time to head back if you have a longer vacation, this is a repeat ride for the kids, it’s our kids favourite ride. Coaster aficionados won’t get a thrill from this, but families will love it and someone wanting an entry level into roller coasters.

We advise to get a fast pass for this then take the stand by line maybe an hour before for Alien Saucers. That way you make the most of the wait time and hit two rides next to each other. Bring plenty of fluids, Toy Story Land isn’t well shaded while you wait unless in a ride line, and it gets hot.

Top tip, when you get to the top of the second big climb you get a great view of Galaxy’s Edge, make the most of it, it doesn’t last long.

Have you been on the ride? Will you be on your next visit. Let us know in the comments.

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