Review: Into the Unknown: The Making of Frozen II…

This week a one off documentary comprising of 6 episodes dropped on Disney plus. It took us behind the scenes of the final year of production on Frozen II. The documentary features in depth interviews with the producer, director, cast and crew on the film. No area is forgotten. You will see how storyboards get to animation and to the screen. How music drives the story of the film. And all the little things that come together to make such a dramatic production.

The film had a ton of preassure going into production. Frozen was such an unexpected goliath of a hit, coming back to improve on that was a tough task. How do you advance the story, add deeper meaning to the songs? The doc shows how they do all of this. Every character gets a deeper story, I’d argue the songs are better, Kristoff’a solo is still our favourite thing ever.

Not to give anything away but our favourite scene came from episode 1 when they bring in the orchestra for the backing on one of the big songs. It is simply stunning.

As a series it was compelling, informative. You really felt the preassure they would have been experiencing leading to completion. As the months tick by you will be surprised to see how much was still to be done.

We loved it and hope Disney consider doing more of these for future films, I think there is always a market for behind the scenes features like this. We are used to a blu ray extra so getting a 6 part series was very exciting. It would also be a great way to add further original programming to Disney+

Have you seen the series yet? Let us know what you think in the comments.

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