Where to Find Remy in Disney Parks

To celebrate the release of Ratatouille 13 years ago today we thought we’d take a look at where you would find the gang the next time you visit Disney’s Parks.

☆Disneyland Paris☆
☆Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure – Toon Studio. Remy gets his own ride in Walt Disney Studios Park. It cost nearly $300 million to make and officially opened in 2014. It is the first of its kind in DLP using a trackless ride system. Similar to that of Poohs ride in Tokyo Disneyland. The system uses a whole bunch of sensors to manoeuvre the rat shaped ride vehicles around. The premise is you are a rat trying to escape capture though a giant sized world. It’s a great ride for the whole family, should suit younger kids too. Remy may appear for meet and greets but only at special events here.

☆Bistrot Chez Remy☆
Once you’ve done the ride you’ll exit at the restaurant and the giant world doesn’t end there. The restaurant itself is larger than life putting you in Remy’s world, if you remember the rats tables at the end of the film, you get an idea of the look and feel. The food may not be made by the master rat himself but it’s still pretty good you’ll be faced with two main menus from Chef Remy and Chef Linguine. You can’t go wrong with the fillet Steak, Ratatouille and gratin potatoes. The ravioli is also a melt in the mouth delight. There is a large kids menus to keep little ones happy too.

☆Disney World☆
☆Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure – France Pavillion. America will get their own version of the ride coming to Epcot in an expansion of France. Originally due for a Summer 2020 opening which has now been pushed back to an unknown date. Remy may appear for meet and greets but only at special events here.

☆Shanghai Disneyland☆
☆Remy’s Patisserie is located on Mickey Avenue with a range of fresh desserts and pastries.

☆Garden of the 12 Friends – Gardens of Imagination. Here you will find the 12 animals of the zodiac with our pal Remy representing the year of the rat in a beautiful mozaic.

Have you been to any of the above? Which is your favourite and do you think Remy should be featured more at meet and greets? Let us know in the comments.

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