New Items at Shop Disney UK

Shop Disney UK has some new releases today which will no doubt also be available with Disney Stores reopening. Heavy on Funko Pops and new T Shirts that are customisable. This is curious as customization is currently unavailable, so could this be a sign that it’s soon to be reintroduced? Our favourite item is the Tauntaun Funko, we do enjoy the large versions. A new autograph book is also out for Paris to coincide with the reopen we guess.

New this week…

☆Steamboat Willie Tote Bag (£20.95/£10 with £10 spend)

☆17 New Customizable T Shirts (2for£28/3for£36)

☆Funko-Darth Vader in Meditation (£29.99)

☆Funko-Han & Leia (£22.99)

☆Funko- Leia(Bespin) (£10.99)

☆Funko-Luke on Tauntaun (£29.99)

☆Anna Adventure Playset (£30)

☆Paris Light Up Castle Ornament (£24.99)

☆Paris Mickey & Friends Autograph Book (£8.99)

☆Rapunzel Archery Set Tangled Series (£15)

Head over to to check these out. Which are you most excited for? Let us know in the comments.
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