5 Best All You Can Eat/Family Style Meals at Disney Word

In the current climate of social distancing. Traditional buffets are going to be a big challenge to manage. They may have to switch to a family style of serving food, where you still get all the food you want but it’s brought to your table. Fortunately several places at Disney World already do this pretty well, and we’re going to break them down now.

☆5☆Hoop Dee Doo Musical Review – Fort Wilderness
This is a great show full of music, sing along with your new friends at big long tables. The food is pretty good. You are served unlimited buckets of fried chicken and bbq ribs plus all the sides, beans, corn, corn bread. Ending with the best part, endless strawberry shortcake. Not the best on property but it does have a certain charm to it.

☆4☆Luau Cove – Polynesian
This is another dinner show, really nice music, dancing and “fire dancing. One of our favourite shows and a great way to end the day. Food is served starting with mixed greens, dressing and coconut bread. Your entrees include endless pork ribs and roasted chicken, all served with rice and veggies with a sweet volcano mousse to end. Based on food only this doesn’t rank too high but the overall experience is very relaxing and enjoyable, a must do.

☆3☆Whispering Canyon Cafe – Wilderness Lodge
Here you will find lots of shenanigans. Think 50’s Prime amped up! Try asking for Ketchup for example. You get your food on an individual platter, but it’s still all you can eat. Ribs, Chicken, pulled pork, pot roast, mash, all the trimmings. The “pig” platter will feature less beef and chicken and more pork. You can also get a salmon or plant based version. The food here is really really good. Make sure you ask for more before you need it to lessen the wait time for your server to bring it out.

☆2☆Liberty Tree Tavern – Magic Kingdom
This made a very good case for the top spot. Here it is Thanksgiving every day. Your family will get a platter of turkey, pork and beef. Mash, stuffing, veggies and all the gravy and cranberry sauce you want. But the highlight here is the Mac n Cheese. They could serve a platter of this on it’s own it’s so good. It was to tough putting this top and the only reason i didn’t is because it’s food we all mostly can have at home (maybe not this good). But most won’t be able to recreate the food of our final restaurant.

☆1☆Ohana – Polynesian
This is #1 on this list but probably our #1 restaurant in all of Disney World! You are walked to the table with warm coconut bread. Served platters of green salad with sweet drizzle, sticky chicken wings, gooey pot stickers, plus teriyaki noodles with peanut/sweet sauce. Next you get the meat. Skewers of steak, chicken and shrimp are brought around, as much as you can handle. But if you can find some room, they bring out the best desert ever. Warm bread pudding with caramel sauce. Heaven. Combine all the above with live music, games for the kids and you have an unbeatable combo. We go here sometimes twice per vacation.

We can’t wait to get back to one of the above and think other buffets would do well to take a leaf out of their book.

Which have you been to? What’s your favourite? Let us know in the comments.

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