12 Things You May Not Know About WALL-E

☆12 Things You May Have Missed In WALL-E☆

To celebrate 12 years of our favourite robot friend we’ve for 12 cool Easter Eggs you may miss if not watching closely. Let’s jump right in.

☆WALL-E is an abbreviation for Walt Elias (Disney)

☆An executive assistant at Pixar voices Eve.

☆Eve searches a Pizza Planet truck.

☆Items seen in the trash are Colette’s scooter (Ratatouille) and Red the unicycle from the pixar short Reds Dream.

☆Some of WALL-E’s items include a Luxo lamp, a Rex toy and a Ham piggy bank (Toy Story).

☆Sigourney Weaver does a voice over as aboard the Axiom. She also does voice over work in Finding Dory.

☆BnL is the same company that makes the batteries inside Buzz in Toy Story 3.

☆Eve’s chest symbol when getting the plant is taken from Epcot The Land pavillion where it was used before retiring in 1997.

☆ The Axiom has alot of similarities to a Disney Cruise line.

☆The people movers in the film are a nod to the Disneyland/World attractions.

☆The Story of WALLE was pitched in 1994 along with Toy Story, Bugs Life, Nemo and Monsters Inc. Finally getting it’s shot after those where made.

☆You may spot some turtles and a clown fish (Finding Nemo) in the end credits.

Did we miss any? What was your favourite thing about WALL-E? Let us know in the comments.

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