Where can you get a good Donut at Disney World?

With the announcement of @everglaze coming to Disney Springs we thought we’d check out some of their competition and where they may place in this area of sweet goodness.

☆Mini Donuts – Blizzard Beach☆
When it eventually reopens some of Disney Worlds best donuts can be found at Blizzard Beach. Choose a dozen or 6 mini donuts and a dipping sauce (Chocolate, White Choc, Rasberry). Brits will know how good these are, before big glazed came little fried. Delicious, Churro’s true Donut cousin.

☆Launching Pad – Tomorrowland/Magic Kingdom☆
If you haven’t heard of the Giant Mickey Donut where have you been? This thing is more like ordering a pizza, it’s huge! One giant ring with two rings for mickey ears with your choice of frosting. Chocolate, Vanilla or Strawberry. Don’t eat this while waiting for Space Mountain!

☆Joffreys – Multiple Locations☆
If you don’t want a mini donut,  and the Mickey is too much sugar for you. Joffreys donuts may be your best bet. They are still pretty big, but delicious. Strawberry, Vanilla and Chocolate are available and quite easy to get hold of.

When @everglaze arrives it has some competition but there is definitley a space for a Krispy Kreme style option. We hope these will be filled, glazed, ring the works. As Disney World does lack in the filled Donut sector.

What are style donuts would you like to see? Let us know in the comments.

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