Looking for Talent

☆Your Guide to Disney Talent☆

We already provide a one stop guide to Disney movies, parks, merch and more. With, tips, tricks and trivia and more. But now we are extending that to include TALENT.

We want to give back to the community that loves Disney as much as us. So we are looking for people who can draw, paint, 3d model, sculpt, graphic design and everything in between.

We want to promote your talent along with our content. You will be featured across our social media and a dedicated section of our website. You will get full credit for work we feature as well as links back to your social media and website. We want to collaborate with you and get your work infront of as many eyes as possible. You never know who might see it. And this service will be FREE FOREVER. We will never charge a penny to help promote your work. We will collaborate together the whole way.
We already collaborate with @theblushingbrushes who creates amazing art work which we feature with our content. Do visit her page and follow to see more of her great talent.

If the above sounds good drop us comment or DM, we’d love to collaborate with you.

And please follow Castle of Mouse Explorers on social media as well as http://www.comexplorers.com for all the latest news and daily original features. For all Disney Movies, Parks and Merch
Image Source: @theblushingbrushes Please follow for more custom Disney artwork. Painted with care and tailored to your ideas. We adore every piece.

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