Into the Unknown Frozen Doc – Episode 1 Take Aways

☆Into the Unknown Doc – Take Aways☆
Potential Spoilers if you haven’t seen the 6 part special on @disneyplus

We watched Into the Unkown the Frozen 2 documentary on Disney+ and absolutley loved it. If you are a fan of Frozen or Disney, this is must see. Below we have given a taste of the series with our top take aways from episode 1. There’s a ton more quality content on episodes 2-6. So let’s dive right into Episode 1.

☆Directors viewing is super cool. At 11 months the film was shown in current state, animated or not to a whose who of Disney greats.

☆Team of animators is huge, some with only 2 minutes of film to work on, that may take over a year to complete.

☆Animators have “Dailies” to show work to directors.

☆Same song writing duo as number one, have a huge influence on the tone of the story.

☆There is a wall of letters from fans to inspire and shows how big an impact a film like Frozen has.

☆Highlight was watching the 90 piece orchestra scoring along with Into the Unknown. Every instrument and key change is crucial to the impact of the story. And sounds amazing.

We enjoyed the entire series. And hope Disney+ show more for other films. They are so eye opening, even for people like us who know a ton about the movie making process. All 6 episodes are screaming now on Disney
+. Check them out!

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