Frozen Soundtrack Top 10

☆Frozen Soundtrack Top 10☆

☆Into the Unknown
We think this is the best of the two show stoppers, more powerful with deeper meaning.

☆Let it Go
There’s a reason you’ve heard it 10,000 times. It’s just that good.

☆Show Yourself
Was really close to putting this in number 2, the payoff later in the film, this film is really pushed forward by the big 2 numbers.

☆Do You Want to Build a Snowman
Not a show stopper, but more like “Part of your World (Little Mermaid). Sets the tone of the film.

☆For the First Time in Forever
This song’s alot of fun, and the first big number  after the prologue. Beautiful vocals from Kristen Bell.

☆Lost in the Woods
Christoph gets a song. And an 80’s power ballad at that. We even get Sven singing. Totally awesome. Such a great song, but up against some big numbers.

☆Love is an Open Door
How often to you hear a hero and villain sing together? Same tone as open door, and comes almost immediately after.

☆Some Things Never Change
Similar to the last film, a big cheerful number ti balance the more serious songs later.

☆In Summer
Love Olafs solo, the nod to Mary Poppins in the animation was very cool.

☆When I am Older
We didn’t feel this added to Olafs solo from the last film. We preferred his first try

It’s hard to choose between both films when they had the same great duo making the songs. If we had to pick just one films songs. It would be Frozen 2. Two huge numbers, vs Let it Go. And we just love Christoph and Sven’s number and kind of wanted to put it first.

Do you agree with our rankings? Should Let it Go have got number 1? Do you share our Christoph love? Let us know in the comments.

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