Sunshine Churros – Disney Springs

With the exciting news of Donuts heading to Disney Springs. We are taking a look at one of the best sweet treats you will find over there. If any thing can rival the Donut it’s the Churro. And the folks at @sunshine_churros have got it down!

Now you may think that once you’ve had one churro, you’ve had them all. How many times can you reinvent the sugar cinnamon delight. Well it can be reinvented, and has been many times.

On their menu Sunshine Churros you can explore some uniquely delicious creations.

☆Classic Churros include☆
Cinnamon, Watermelon, Apple Cinnamon (amazing), Salted Caramel and Fruity Pebbles (one for the kids)

Now these are pretty cool, the Apple Cinnamon  is like an apple pie at Thanksgiving, it’s so good. But for next level goodness you can dip one of the above in Nutella or Chocolate. But there is one more level. Two Churros so good you’ll have to get one for everyone in your party, they won’t be sharing.

☆Gourmet Churros☆
Strawberry Cheesecake and our favourite the OREO.

Seriously guys these are so good, especially in the heat the Oreo gets a bit gooey and is a sugary, chocolaty bomb of joy. Just about every time we are at the Springs this is one of our stops and you can visit them too at the Market Place opposite World of Disney or West Side right by Bongo’s

If you’ve had one before let us know which and how good it was in the comments.

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