New Pixar Movie In Development

Do you get excited by the next Pixar movie? Or like us do you get excited by the next, next, next movie? If you are the later…get excited!

@aaron.hartline announced on his Instagram that he and other animators from Pixar are hard at work at home working on Pixar’s 2022 release. It has 2 scheduled, so we don’t know which. But the fact that one is in development is super cool.

We know Pixar are stepping away from franchises for a while so hopefully this will be another original feature. We’ll be happy with whatever they give us, so long as it doesn’t have “Toy Story” and “5” in the title.

Aaron Hartline has been with Pixar in the animation department for over 11 years from Up to Onward and everything inbetween.

Go give @aaron.hartline a follow, hopefully he’ll share more teasers, any and all breadcrumbs welcome.

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