Minnie and Peter Pans Flight

If you ordered from Shop Disneys Peter Pan/ Minnie Mouse Main Attraction Collection. You should be now starting to get your goodies!

We know the experience may have been tough for many. Disney’s system crashed many times, not allowing people to pay or order before selling out. We are sure many of you were frustrated.

We ourselves where only able to get the Plush and the Mug. Both are very beautiful. We love Minnies dress showing Peter Pans flight and adore the little hat. With a ship pinned to it. The ship also appears on a Minnie bow on the mug which is very cool

This is a very frustrating to collectors who must be struggling to fill gaps in their collection, without paying inflated prices.

What do you have in your Minnie collection so far? Let us know in the comments.

Images: Shop Disney

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