Mater’s Big Movie

Cars 2 was a big step in Pixars journey. It was not only the second sequel at the time, but the creators shifted the focus from the main attraction from the first, Lightning McQueen. To Mater who stood front and center for Cars 2.

Sure Lightning played his part, but this was alot on the shoulders of Mater, a stand out comical character, where much of the film was more serious with the whole espionage plot.

It was a simple plot, Mater stumbles into an international conspiracy, and the pro’s take him for a spy. Mater was helped by having the might of Michael Caine/Finn McMissile by his side for much of the film.

The film is often slated as one of Pixars lesser efforts, but all of Pixars films are very very good. This model even spawned future sequels to explore a different lead. Monsters University and Finding Dory. Even it’s global box office was bigger than Cars or Cars 3.

In our opinion Cars 2 was a risk, but it paid off. Mater, for us, is a character we can’t get enough of.

What did you think of Mater and Cars 2? Let us know in the comments.

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