Is Cars 2 Underated?

As Cars 2 turns 9 today. We thought we’d take a look at maybe why it’s not as loved as other Pixar entries. For many the Cars franchise, while still good, comes at the bottom of the pile of Pixar franchises. Cars 2 being at the bottom of that pile.

The film took Lightning around the world, getting caught in espionage while trying to shake off poor Mater who was given a greater role. Some may say this was too drastic a change from the Cars formula, with Cars 3 getting back to the racing element.

However what we did get, and is looked over. Michael Cain! Who played a great character in Finn McMissile. He was by far the best thing about the film, and without it, we never would have got this character.

We think what holds this film back is the getting away from the familiarity of the first. And if you take this as a stand alone, it’s not half bad.

What are your thoughts on the film and it’s characters? Let us know in the comments.

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