Top tips for the reopening of Downtown Disney

Downtown Disney District at Disneyland will be opening July 9th. We are sure many will be looking forward to this and it will give us all an idea of how Disneyland will operate when parks open, as they are doing in Florida.
Here are our top tips if you are plannig to go back to Downtown.
☆Self park will be in SIMBA LOT only, you can then enter from the west or the east. Most will probably head for the same entrance so if you want a clearer route, aim for the other one.
☆Make sure you have face covering for you and your party over 2. Maybe pack spares incase you loose yours, it gets wet etc… You may find them in the stores but this is no guarentee. You cannot stay if you don’t have a covering.
☆Make full use of hand sanitation and be aware of all social distancing markers. If you are in a larger group maybe split up so you aren’t all in the same line for the same shop.
☆Restaurants will have limited capacity so seating may be harder. Consider a quick service meal, many just as good as a sit down. Then you can take it to go and eat anywhere.
☆Site will open 10am through 8pm. Aim to get their early if you want to be first in the lines. If you are worried about distancing, maybe leave before everyone else does the same at 8pm.
☆Finally, enjoy yourself. We are hearing from Disney Springs that the experience is still enjoyable and cast members are very helpful. Also don’t be surprised if you see a Stormtrooper or two.
Will you be heading Downtown soon? Let us known in the comments what you are most looking forward to.
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