What happened to The Rescuers?

If you have visited Disney Parks in America and have not seen The Rescuers (Released 43 years ago today). You may be forgiven for not knowing who Bianca and Bernard are. You’ll have to go to Tokyo Disneyland and sometimes Disneyland Paris to see them. And won’t find any references in the rides and restaurants either. Even Merch is scarce, except for an odd pin. We love The Rescurers, we remember the original films fondly, here is why.

Disneys The Rescuers is a beloved classic that doesn’t seem to get accolades in recent times that it deserves. For it’s time it hit many milestones for a Disney Animation.

It ended a the Silver age for Disney on a high, starting with Cinderella (1950). After this film Disney animation took a dip in critical praise until saved by the Little Mermaid 12 years later.

Imagine that now! It was so good it was even granted a sequel, not direct to video or a tv series. But theatrical. This was unheard of at the time and would remain that way until Ralph Breaks the Internet (2018). Seriously, just about every disney film got a video sequel. This was the ONLY ONE good enough to hit the cinema (Pixar not included)

This film started it’s early development with Walt himself overseeing it. He sadly died before it ever got released. It was also the final movie all “9 old men” worked on together. It mixed these legendary animators with many who would last through to Disneys Renaissance from Little Mermaid onwards.

The music also changed. Moving from orchestral composition to pop recording artists. Songs became a backdrop rather than being sung by the characters.

In our opinion this ranks very high in Disneys Classics. The story and characters where well developed. Story alot more serious, a step away from Disneys usual musical/comedy mix. No castles or princesses here. It’s perhaps not well remembered as many may class it in the run of financial successful, but not critically accepted films that followed.

We love the rescurers, they were ground breaking during their time and both original and sequel are worthy watches in our opinion. Do make sure you check them out if you haven’t already. You won’t regret it.

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