Disney Legends Series – Tony Baxter

You may not be familiar with the name Tony Baxter. But I bet you’ve experienced one of his attractions at Disney Parks. Tony worked up the ranks. Starting by scooping ice cream on Disneyland’s Mainstreet. To snagging a tour around the then unbuilt Pirates of the Carribean. He was hooked and would go on to spear head some iconic attractions.

He worked full time from 1970-2013. He started as art director in Disney World for the 20,000 leagues under the sea ride. His biggest contribution in the 70’s came when he lead a team to develop Big Thunder Mountain Railroad at Disneyland. He also was behind the transformation of Fantasyland at Disneyland.

Also working on the Sea and Land areas of Epcot. As well as the imagination pavillion, creating Figment in the process.

He paired up with the legend George Lucas to bring Star Tours and Indiana Jones Adventure to life. But perhaps his biggest project, which he conceived was Splash Mountain!

He even workes as executive producer at Disneyland Paris for a while. Before returning home to California to spear head it’s 50th anniversary plans.

We thank him massivley for his iconic contributions. While he retires from his full time job in 2013. He still helps out on projects, mentoring the next influx of Imagineers.

Which is your favourite of Tony’s creations We love Splash Mountain. The way he engineered the drop point to have the castle dead center was engineering genius.

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Image: Myrna Litt https://bit.ly/2V5g07r

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