The Imagineering Story Review

The single greatest job on the planet has to be a Disney Imagineer. These are the people behind the Disney Parks. Events, rides, attractions, buildings, scenery and much much more.

This series of 6 episodes travels from the original Imagineer Walt himself and Disneyland through to Galaxy’s Edge. And every Park inbetween.

It’s an uplifting story about Walt Disney Companies journey to be authentic, sell happiness and also run a business. You will here first hand accounts from the people who designed and built your favourite attractions. Real life struggles aren’t hidden. Successes and failures explored in equal measure.

We really enjoyed the episodes, sure we know much of it already but hearing the stories from the teams on the ground is a great experience. We especially loved the heart warming story of how Disney Tokyo survived the devastating Tsunami and Hurricanes keeping 70,000 people in the parks safe . Eventually reopening for the people and standing as a beacon of hope for the country. Especially touching at a time like this where I have a strong feeling Disney will once again step forward and bring hope and happiness back to the world.

Check out this documentary it is very eye opening for film lovers and park hoppers alike. Streaming on Disney+ now.

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