20 Places to Relax at Disney World

As Disney World reopens to the public. More than ever people may want a place to escape the crowds, get some quiet time, some air con. Even when the parks are fully operational, we love the fast rides, the immersive parades and loud fireworks. But did you know there are places in every park where you can take a step back and just relax. Here we break down 20 across the parks and resorts

☆Magic Kingdom☆
☆Tom Sawyer Island
Many simply pass by as it’s not technically a ride. But it is a nice walk about and once on the island you can chill for a bit and take in the sites of the park from relatively quiet.
☆Swiss Family Treehouse
Warning, lots of steps! BUT when you get to the top stop and take in the view of Cinderella castle, enjoy the shade from the tree. Most walk to the top and straight back down. Why not stick around for a bit.
☆Columbia Harbour House
Great place to eat and most don’t realise it has a 2nd floor. Lots more tables, air con and views of the park.
☆People Mover
Head over to Tommorow land for a calm ride above the crowds and through the rides. Gets you off your feet for a while.
☆It’s a Small World
This is my favourite. By the time you get to Fantasy land you’ve probably been in the heat for a while. Getting to sit down on the boat ride and take in the air con is bliss. I’ll admit I once even took a nap on the ride. It’s so refreshing.

☆United Kingdom Gardens
Really peaceful place to sit down and get out the sun.
☆Victoria Gardens Canada
Same as above but the water fall is a nice touch, plus you can head into the show for a bit.
☆Living with the Lands is my favourite quiet spot. Same principal of It’s a Small World. With some really interesting stuff to learn about.

☆Hollwood Studios☆
☆Voyage of the Little Mermaid
Indoor show, seats and air con, winner!
☆Animation Gallery
Another great indoor space that doesn’t get too busy
☆Beauty and the Beast
Top tip arrive up to 30 mins early. You’ll have a good 15 mins before it starts to fill to sit and chill, plus you can pick your spot.

☆Animal Kingdom ☆
☆Gorilla Falls Exploration Trail
Not mega busy, you can take a stroll around to see the animals, featuring indoor and outdoor areas, plus lots of shade.
☆Conservation Station
Many go straight past the train. Go see Rafiki, see some cool stuff. The petting zoo is fun and relatively quiet. A massivley underused space.
☆Navi river Journey
You’re seeing a theme here…indoor boat rides, total chill zones….except splash Mountain of course. This ride is pure serenity. The best boat ride Disney has.

☆Disney Springs☆
Hot air balloon, straight up. 10 mins of peace, great views and cool air before coming back down.
☆ Marketplace Stage
When shows aren’t running. Great place to spread out and take a seat. Gran an Earl of Sandwich and have a chilled lunch
Guided tour of Disney Springs by water. Your own driver takes you out on the water while you sit back and take in the breeze.

☆ Grand Floridian Lobby
This is my favourite spot in all of Disney. Chilling on a couch listening to the beautiful live band delivering Disney tunes is pure bliss, worth a hotel reservation on it’s own.
☆Wilderness Lodge Fireplaces
Cozy, relaxing awesomeness, a guest favourite
☆Marina Rentals
So what’s better than an indoor boat ride. A real one outdoors. One of my favourite experiences is launching from Polynesian or Contemporary and floating around seven seas lagoon and bay lake. Literally watching people enter Magic Kingdom. And once you get some power the breeze is refreshing. If you do get enough relaxation in. Push that throttle down and go for it! Bring water, it can get hot during the slower sections.

And there we have it. Hope you find these useful on your next trip. Did we miss any? Let us know in the comments.

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