Why we love Finding Dory

As we celebrate 4 years of Finding Dory today. We delve into why we thing this Pixar sequel faired better than all the others (Not including the Toy Story series which was incredible).

Finding Dory was released as one of the many, many Pixar sequels. Every franchise seemed to be getting one. The Incredibles, Cars. And the Monsters Inc prequel. Dory comes out heads and shoulders above the rest in our opinion. Don’t get us wrong, we enjoyed the others but for us this is the best sequel after Toy Story 2 and 3. (We are still getting over the ending for Toy Story 4, the only bias you’ll see on out feed ).

We think the problem is, the Cars and Incredibles sequels just felt like another chapter in the same story. Stakes didn’t feel high, no really memorable new characters.

Dory flips this around big time. Firstly, they could have released this without Finding Nemo. It’s a totally original story, not leaning on what came before. When the film was announced we wondered how they could do another “Finding” film. But Dory finding her family was the way to do It. Stakes were high, a memorable journey and a great pay off for the ending. There was plenty of emotion behind this story. But there was lots of humor too. Mostly brought from the news characters who we loved! Hank and Bailey (from Modern Family) were hilarious. The sea lions could have had a film of their own. Their ownership of the rock was brilliantly done. We loved Destiny used as a character from Dorys past. So big story and big supporting cast easily puts this ahead of the others.

Visuals as expected where amazing. They were plenty of laughed, action and tears to a genuine story that stood out on it’s own, and that’s why we love it.

What do you think of Finding Dory? Does it stand tall against the other Pixar sequels? Lets us know in the comments.

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Image: BagoGames https://bit.ly/2UOAFwj

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