New Star Wars Lego coming

Lego have announced 10 Star Wars sets due for release August 1st. Nothing too spectacular and re releases of former sets. Not going to lie we are most excited for the advent calendar. A few exclusive figs, daily mini builds. Always great fun! Here are the details.

75288 AT-AT (£140) 1,267 pcs
75292 The Razor Crest (£120)1,023pcs
75291 Death Star Final Duel (£90) 775pcs
75293 Resistance ITS Transport (£90) 933pcs
75286 General Grievous Starfighter (£75) 487 pcs
75284 Knights of Ren Transport Ship (£65) 595pcs
75283 Armored Assault Tank (£35) 286 pcs
75280 501st Legion (£25) 285 pcs
75279 Advent Calendar (£25)
75281 Anakins Jedi Interceptor (£25) 248 pcs

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