A Disney Unboxing

We love a Disney box here at Castle of Mouse Explorers. In today box we got the born in 2020 dumbo for our nephew which is incredibly soft. We kind if wanted to keep it. But what we did keep was this…

We ordered the 2020 Pride pin set. You know we love pins here. It comes with a Mickey ears and mickey shorts pin. Rainbow and keychain. And our favourite the Mickey Love pin. We like the set but feel they could have made the 5 smaller pins a bit different. Basically the same design in different shapes, which is a shame. But it is well presented on the black card and as of this writing, out of stock at ShopDisney.

Our final purchase, didn’t cost us anything. Free with our spend we got the Ink and Paint Key! When it was announced we were dissapointed it wasn’t linked to a film. But it is super cool. And on closer inspection you can see some iconic characters. We must admit we love it. But can’t help but feel Shop Disney used this as a promotional tool to sell more of their ink and paint range.

Do you have either of the above? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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