New Minnie Collection Out Tomorrow

Minnies Main Attraction Collection is BACK tomorrow (Thursday) 8am ShopDisney.

This month it will be the Peter Pan collection based on one of our favourite Disney Parks rides. This one will go fast as we are sure there will be a lot of interest. Also keep in mind that this month UK sites will be OPEN to US customers as the collection won’t be featuring in their stores. So there will be even more competition.

Once again we will see a brand new.

Loungefly Bag

We are super excited. This collection has been so much fun and this could be our favourite set yet. We will be sure to festure it once we get it.

Also as a sneak peak, here is what to look out for in future collections.

July 18th Carousel
August 18th Dumbo
September18th Big Thunder Mountain Railroad
October 18th Haunted Mansion
November 18th Jungle Cruise
December 18th Disney Castle

What are you getting this month from the set? Which theme are you most excited for? Let us know in the comments.

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