Gideon’s is coming to Disney Springs!

Ever been to the Polite Pig and been lucky to grab one of those half pound chocolate chip cookies? Well their creator Gideon’s Bakehouse @gideonsbakehouse is coming to Disney Springs permanently.

Expect long lines folks these cookies are the greatest you will ever find. Previously only available in limited quantities from the Polite Pig twice a day. They were gone as quick as they arrived.

Now you will be able to try Gideon’s variety of original creations. Like these are so good, you’ll need a sit down after from the sugar rush.

Gideon’s has both regular flavours and exclusives for special days and occasions. Regular flavours (regular means out of this world here btw!) Include…

Choc Chip
Peanut Butter
Cookies & Cream
Pistachio Toffee
Triple Chocolate
And their bites (quarter size versions of their big flavours)

Be sure to check them out when they land in Disney Springs. They’ll change your standard for cookies forever!

Please follow @comexplorers or visit for more Disney Springs news and features.

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