Lady and the Tramp 65th Anniversary Trivia

We wouldn’t leave a celebration like Lady and the Tramps 65th without throwing some trivia your way…so here goes.

1. Disney’s 15th animated feature.
2. Trailers for the film spoiled the ending, showing the pups.
3. Disney+ has the original and a sing along version
4. This was an original Disney story, first since Dumbo.
5. Dedication to all dogs, Lady’s and Tramps
6. Walt was always a big dog lover.
7. Walt once gave his wife a dog in a hat box.
8. Peggy Lee was brought in. First time Disney used a big name in an animation.
9. Started with a dog given as a present. Toy Story ended with the same.
10. Lady is a pup for only 7 minutes of the film.
11. Jock mentions the stork. Brought to life in Dumbo.
12. Jock also appears in 101 Dalmatians.
13. Jock, Trusty and Peg appear in Oliver and Company.
14. The beaver character was repurposed for Winnie the Pooh, with signature whistle. Different voice actor though.
15. When Trusty is run down, that was his death scene. Walt saved him and had him brought back. Not wanting another sad death like in Bambi.
16. Barbara Luddy/Lady also voiced
-Merryweather Sleeping Beauty
-Rover 101 Dalmatians
-Mother rabbit Robin Hood
17. Barbara Luddy is otherwise famous for voicing Kanga in Winnie the Pooh from 1966-1977
18. Larry Roberts/Tramp only ever film role
19. Peggy Lee/Peg also voiced Darling, Si and Am
20. Lee Millar’s/Jim Darling father also voiced a famous dog in a couple shorts…Pluto.
21. Lee Millar/Jim is the real life son of Vera Felton/Aunt Sarah.
22. Disney Legend Verna Felton also voiced…
Aunt Sarah – Lady and the Tramp
Mrs Jumbo – Dumbo
Fairy Godmother – Cinderella
Queen of Hearts- Alice in Wonderland
Flora/Queen Leah – Sleeping Beauty
Lady Elephant – Jungle Book
23. Another Disney Legend Bill Thompson has voiced…
Jock/others – Lady and the Tramp
Additional voices – Snow White
White Rabbit – Alice in Wonderland
Mr Smee – Peter Pan
King Hubert – Sleeping Beauty
Uncle Waldo – Aristocats
24. Ever wonder why Tramp is sometimes Grey, sometimes brown? He starts brown in the film and finishes grey.
25. Walt didn’t want the restaurant scene Luckily he was talked into including it.

Did you spot anything we missed? Know any other fun facts? Let us know in the comments.

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