Hotel New York – Art of Marvel Opening Day

So today should have been the big re opening of Disneyland Paris’ Hotel New York – The Art of Marvel. Obviously a global pandemic got in the way and plans had to be changed. We can only assume it will now open when the parks and other resorts do at Disneyland Paris. France authorities have given a date of June 22nd that will allow theme parks to reopen. However as we haven’t yet heard anything we would imagine a July date similar to other parks already announced.

We may not have got our big fancy new hotel opening but here is what to expect when it does open.

The hotel 561 room hotel will host the worlds largest selection of Marvel artwork. Over 300 items evident across the resort. Ironman’s suits will be on full display and screens behind reception at least showing the creation of some of this artwork.

Restaurants will include New York style food with an emphasis on Italian food as well as open cook stations creating delicious American and Asian foods. The skyline bar will also be a must visit for you older heroes. Wrapped with screens giving the illusion the bar is rotating overseeing the skyline of New York.

There’s plenty for the kids too with dedicated classes for drawing their own characters. But the big deal, a Disney hotel first, will be meet and greats with your favourite heroes like Spiderman, Captain America and more. You may even get to try and lift a certain hammer! (Of course character experiences may be restricted on reopening as with other parks.)

We’ve enjoyed Disneyland Paris’ remodelling of hotels using the Cars and Toy Story themes. But this Marvel overhaul is super exciting, especially if you are a regular to the American parks where Universal have a lock on many Marvel characters.

As well as the hotel, Walt Disney Studios will be getting some Marvel size upgrades with a new expansion including a Spiderman ride and the Rock n Rollercoaster will be reimagined to include the Avengers themselves.

Did you have a booking? Have you rescheduled? Will you be putting this hotel on your bucket list? Lets us know your thoughts below.

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Image: Sean Macentee

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