Which is Disney World’s Premier Shopping Experience?

If you are headed to Disney World for the first time, there is one thing you will see absolutley everywhere Disney Merch! Any creation you can think of can be found. Stores small to big are found in resorts, dotted around parks and at the exits of many rides. There are two stores however that stand head and shoulders above the rest. Here we explore which we think will provide you with the best shopping experience. (Of course Disney World regulars, us included, would say go to both!)

Emporium – Magic Kingdom and World of Disney- Disney Springs.

The Emporium is truly an experience of it’s own. It flanks the entire left side of main street, with each “store front” representing a different section, although it is one long store. It’s about 16,000 square feet. Stretching from homeware and souvenirs, to toys and clothes. It has it all. What we love about the experience is that it’s a nice cool walkthrough if you need to escape the heat or avoid the crowds watching a parade. This can also be a hindrance if you do just want to browse as people do use it as a walk through, bit of a double edged sword here. It is also handy because you can shop while listening to parades and shows going on outside, a soundtrack to your shopping unlike anywhere else, you can pop out to see a parade and then back in where you left off. Perhaps our favourite part is as you get to the end you round off at a set of tables….seating for Casey’s hot dogs (which we can’t rave about enough) Where else can you have a good shop around followed by a hot dog? The only downside we find for the Emporium is that you need park admission to get in.

The World of Disney is three times the size of the Emporium. It truly is the biggest Disney Store you will ever find. A few years ago each section had it’s own grand area, almost a store for each category of item. But since the re model it is alot more open plan. And yet still easy to loose your way. We reccomend choosing a doorway or cash register to meet up with others in your party. The advantages are clearly the sheer size. Anybody can enter Disney Springs, no admission required. And nobody uses it as a walk through. Oh and grab a picture with Stitch on your way in or out…makes for a great picture.

Which do we reccomend? If we a going on pure shopping experience. Disney Springs is your best bet. Huge store, no ticket needed. And yet everything is more magical in Magic Kingdom. Including the Emporium. And having Casey’s hot dogs at the end makes it a winner with us!

If you have been before. Which do you prefer? Let us know in the comments.

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