Disney Legends Series – Paige O Hara

Everybody had an iconic Princess they grew up with. Their voice, their songs. This Disney Legend had one of the great voices of all time. She’s Paige O’Hara. You may know her as Belle.

Between the years of 2001-2011. Paige owned the role both in acting abd singing. Often noting Judy Garland as her inspiration. She played Belle in Beauty and the Beast and it’s video sequels. Earnings Disney Oscar nods and more for the ground-breaking film, at the heart of Disneys “renaissance”. She also made appearances in sing along and christmas videos as the character. She even continued the role into games like Kingdom Hearts 2. Sadly she retired the roll in 2011, as she and Disney agreed that perhaps her voice didn’t quite match that of 20 years prior. Ever since she has appeared at Disney events, and in out opinion her voice is as good as ever.

The has been much discussion in wether she should have been let go from the role for so long, and reportedly she was at first disappointed at the decision. In our opinion, we didn’t see the harm in her continuing. They weren’t going to make any more sequels to the main animated film so the one off appearances should have been fine.

She didn’t disappear from our screens completely. She had a cameo in Enchanted on a television. And made her big comeback as the voice of Belle in Ralph Breaks the Internet. She was also on hand for the live action remake of Beauty and the Beast, aiding Emma Watson in her portrayal of the character.

Outside of Disney she was recognised early for her roles in stage including Oklahoma! And it was probably her Disney work that got her a staring roll in the great Les Miserables as Fantine.

Her voice, as old as time, will live on for generations. A legend in every way.

Do check her out on Youtube, she’s still got it!

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