What is Hulk’s future in the MCU?

16 years ago today Hulk smashed his way into the MCU. Beating one of Marvels better villains in my opinion in Abomination (a reapearance would have been cool.) At the end of that film Edward Norton escaped into the night, having kind of got Hulk under control. A few years later Mark Ruffalo appeared as Hulk and had got him under control by “always being angry”.

From here Hulks journey didn’t improve on his part. Banner kind of fell in love but was afraid he now couldn’t control Hulk again (we thought he solved that in the last film). From here he would fly off in a jet and become Jeff Goldblums personal gladiator for a few years. Once he broke out we saw Hulk for a brief spell getting beat by Thanos, and then Hulk was gone again. Fast forward 5 years post snap and Hulk is back now sharing a body and mind with banner. Bringing all his pals back with a snap of his own, busting his arm in the process.

Alot has happened in 12 years for Banner and Hulk. His arc has been a bit over the place but it does seem to have come to a natural conclusion. So the question is will we see him again?

The answer is most likely, on the screen at least. Disney+ have green lit She-Hulk with Banner no doubt making an appearance. We would imagine in a mentoring role, a similar path to Hawkeye in his own upcoming series. It would make total sense for Banner to see She-Hulk on her way and ride off into the sunset….BUT. Does the big guy deserve to have his send off on the small screen when he started out in the big screen?

Rumours are swirling Marvel have finally got the rights off of Universal (if they have it’s confusing why the 2008 film isn’t on Disney+)

So with these rights finally back, Hulk could have one last big outing. Will he get his own film? The field is packed right now with upcoming heroes. So an appearance in an Avengers style film perhaps with She Hulk could be his last dance?

Either way we think Hulk has one more chapter to his story, but his own Endgame, is on the horizon.

What do you think? What do you see in Hulk/Banners future? Let us know in the comments.

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