Thoughts on The Mandalorian

Spoilers if you haven’t seen it yet!

The Mandalorian had a huge weight on it’s shoulders. It is the first Star Wars product post the new trilogy but also the premier series for the big launch of Disney+ in the US, (we got it later in the UK). So how did it fare on both fronts?

Moving Star Wars forward…

With the main trilogy of trilogies complete, you would be forgiven for thinking people may be all Star Wars’ed out. They tried spin offs before in feature length form. Rogue One wasn’t bad, a new cast if characters I think is always refreshing. Although it was tricky to get attatched, knowing their fate at the end (having not appeared in New Hope). Solo went the other way, prequel again but with characters we know. And it didn’t work so well. I think a common theme here is that original characters work better. With classic characters you will always be comparing and no actors ever will live up to the likes of Harrison Ford and co.

The Mandalorian, taking place post Return of the Jedi. Focuses on an entire new cast with a few subtle nods to the past. But very subtle at least. So it feels new and fresh. However the is a little green elephant in the room. The merch magnet The Child/BabyYoda. They haven’t gone full, bringing back a major character. By having a super cute character needing protection (despite having some moves of his own), I for one am now excited to see how ge develops and when we will get to see more Yodas!

The Mandalorian had so much to prove and for me it did that. I am hungry for more, short episodes means time isn’t being filled or stretched, full on story and action. Most of all the makers of Star Wars have proven a live action spin off can work well. Perhaps series are the best route to go should they choose to do more.

Premiering on Disney+
When Disney+ opened, it had tons of movies we know and love, a few series, a lot of cool docs. And a promise of some big players from MCU coming. The Mandalorian pretty much stood alone. Had this have flopped Disney+ would have had a tricky spot with the next big series still some time away. Especially now filming on them has stopped. Luckily it worked and I am sure it will bring in alot more people who maybe aren’t there for the classic Disney, but are big Star Wars fans. A perfect way to launch Disney+, although it’s over so quickly there is again a hole in the series department. At least we have a behind the scenes series for The Mandalorian to stretch it out a bit more.

What did you think of the series? Are you excited for season 2? Would you be happy to see other Star Wars creations coming to Disney+? Comment below.

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