Best Food Truck Dishes in Disney Springs

With Disney Springs back open you may still be hesitant to eat in one of the many great restaurants. So we have come up with a worth alternative….Food Trucks! Food to go, outside, take it where you want. Perfect. And Disney Springs has FOUR, each serving amazing dishes and desserts. Here we are going to take you through our pick of the Top 10 dishes. But first, here is what you have to choose from on your next visit.

4 Rivers Cantina Barbacoa Truck – Marketplace, opposite Basin…Serving a great mexican flavoured bbq with a choice of Tacos, Burritos, Nachos and more.

Hot Diggity Dogs Truck – Westside by AMC…The best dogs this side of Caseys in MK. Plus all the toppings.

Mac & Cheese – Westside by AMC…an American staple turned up to 10! 5 amazing creations.

Cookie Dough and Everything Sweet – Westside by AMC…If you got a sweet tooth, look no further. Lots of cookie dough.

So…here goes our Top 10

10. Squash Blossom Quesadilla  – 4 Rivers. Something different to begin. This super tasty combo of squash, zucchini, beans, cheese, onions and more, is easy eating. Soft, gooey deliciousness.

9. Celebration Parfait – Wow, wow, wow. Mickey cake, cookie dough, custard, cream, strawberries. Brits will love this one.

8. Minnies Desert Taco – Everything Sweet. Minnie knows how to desert! PB Cookie Dough, caramel, cream. Completed with a sweet Minnie bow.

7. Sante fe Dog – The 1/4lb dog is smothered in a blend of chipotle mayo, chilli, cheese, street corn for a spicy, delicious offering.

6. BBQ Brisket Mac& Cheese – Mac & Cheese. One of many great offerings but the brisket and two cheeses just ooze together. Topped with onion rings and you got a simple yet delicious combo.

5. Burrito Bowl – 4 Rivers. Beans, salsa , Guac, cheese, jalapeno, strips of tortilla all lifting up your choice of beef, chicken, pork, steak or beans

4. Springs Candy Taco – Everything Sweet. Lots of Tacos on this list. None as sweet as this. If you like the sweet stuff, skip lunch and dive in. Monster of all cookie dough, cream, chocolate sauce, sprinkles. Maybe have a sit down after devouring this.

3. Lobster Shrimp Mac & Cheese – Mac&Cheese. We got you sea food lovers covered. This is sensational! The lobster is amazing, some swiss mixed in. My god this is good.

2. Texas Chilli Cheese Dog- Hot Diggity. Our ultimate hot dog. All beef dog, Texas chilli cheese, corn chips. Perfection. Melt in your mouth heaven.

1. Taco Cone – 4 rivers. Forget Ice cream cones this is the way forward. A melody of salad, dips and chilli. With your choice of brisket, chicken tinga, pork sofrito, tri tip steak or black beans and rice. Amazing, packed into a cone.

*and there are many motr tasty items on their respective menus.

Hungry yet? We sure are. Get down to Disney Springs where you don’t need a table or a waiter to have some amazing food. Which is your favourite? Comment below.

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