Disney Legends Series- Joe Ranft

Yesterday was the Birthday of Disney Pixars Cars. And so it felt right to continue out Legend Series. With the man behind Cars, who sadly left us 15 years ago. Joe Ranft.

Joe is a legend to all at Disney and Pixar and was one of the cornerstones of Pixars early years. But before we get to Pixar, just take a look at the films this guy workes on in the story/storyboard department.

Who framed Roger Rabbit, Oliver & Co, The Little Mermaid, Rescuers Down under, Beauty and the Beast, Nightmare on Elm Street, Lion King.

Now if that was on your resume, you would already have legendary status. But then he teamed up with John Lasseter at Pixar and pumped out stories for

Toy Story, Bugs Life, Toy Story 2, Monsters In, Finding Nemo, The Incredibles and finally Cars.

Unfortunatly he died before ever seeing the release of Cars. Tragically, in a car crash. On that day we all lost a genius of story making. And he is still sorely missed. But his memory lives on in his films and with some of the characters he got to voice.

Lenny – Toy Story
Heimlich- Bugs Life
Claws (Pete Ward) – Monsters Inc
Jacques- Finding Nemo

And sadly whenever you hear the voice of Red from Cars. That’s him too.

We remember him fondly for the ground-breaking work he did for Disney and Pixar.

Thanks Red, for everything.

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