2 musical Disney signings

Lots of Disney news today from the world of Music.

Firstly Beyonce is reported to be penning a $100million, 3 project deal. This will likely include Black Panther 2. This could include acting in the film and others. Or be part of a soundtrack deal. We understand Beyonce is also wanted for some voice over work for Disney+.

Beyonce is no stranger to Disney. Voicing Nala, and performing Spirit. For the live action Lion King.

We are very excited for this deal, which brings a huge name to Disney. Wether she acts or not we could at least get some cool soundtracks for upcoming projects.


Secondly Lionel Richie is repeatedly signing a deal to creat a musical film with Disney based on his music. It won’t be a biopic but more Mamma Mia style in story and music. This will also be super cool, who doesn’t like Lionel?

We find it very interesting that two huge names in music are signing to Disney within 24hrs. Do Disney have some big musical plans in the works? We already have a Taylor Swift concert on Disney+. Maybe Disney are branching into music to add to the shows and movies on the streaming service. The above signings could be the start of that.

What do you think? Which project are you most excited about? Let us know in the comments.

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Source:ABCNews Radio/Rolling Stone

Image: Sassy https://bit.ly/3cPa1tn/Georges Blard https://bit.ly/37hFsLG

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