Where to find Donald Duck in Disney World

With Disney World reopening looming and since it’s Donald Duck’s birthday. We thought we would explorer where to find Donald in Disney World…

Contemporary Resort
Here you will find Chef Donald, with the rest of his pals in Chef Mickeys

Magic Kingdom
Astounding Donald can be found in Petes silly sideshow in New Fantasyland

Move it Shake it Street Party
You’ll find Donald dancing atop his float.

Mickeys Philiharmagic
See Donald in 3D in one of Disney’s best 3D attractions. Keep an eye on the backwall.

Mexican Donald can be found outside Mexico, a nod back to his Three Caballeros movie. He can also be seen on the Grand Fiesta tour inside the Mexican pavilion.

Beach Club
Hope over to the Cape May Cafe for Breakfast to see Donald ready for the beach. They do a really great breakfast too.

Hollywood and Vine
Head over for a great meal and to find Donald in Sesonal costume. This changes depending on the season.

Stay for the night time show to see Donald on the boat in the finale.

Animal Kingdom
Visit Dino Donald in Dinoland USA. For a meet and great and his Dino Dance party which is lots of fun.

Tusker House
Then head over for a great buffet to see Safari Donald meet you while you eat.

I think we got them all, if you think of any others, hit us up in the comments.

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