Who has been in more than One Disney Franchise?

Now that Disney own just about the four biggest studios/franchises in the world- Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars. How many people have featured in two? Even three of the above four. Could there be anyone who has appeared for all of the great four franchises? Lets find out.

Note: Some may have appeared in more for each studio, but just one of each will do here.

Also All Disney/Pixar/Marvel/StarWars films and tv shows are eligable.

Key: D-Disney, P-Pixar, M-Marvel, S-StarWars

2 Star Performers – Appeared in two of the great four.

Chris Pratt: P-Onward/M-Infinity War
Tom Holland: P-Onward/M-Infinity War
Angelina Jolie: D-Maleficent/M-The Eternals
Paul Bettany: M-Infinity War/S-Solo
Warrick Davis: D-Maleficent2/S-Return of Jedi
Natalie Portman: S-Phantom Menace/M-Thor
Forest Whitaker: M-Black Panther/S-Rogue One
Andy Serkis: M-Black Panther/S-Force Awaken
Jodie Benson: D-Little Mermaid/P-Toy Story2
John Goodman: P-MonstersInc/D-JungleBook2
Emma Thompson: D-Beauty&Beast/P-Brave
…and the are probably many more.

However there are a few who hold the title of 3 Star Performer. Appearing in 3 of the great 4. They are…

Samuel L Jackson…always a busy actor.

Donald Glover….Is in everything these days…

Lupita Nyong’o…Becoming highly recognisable

Richard E Grant….Been around forever.
M- Loki(upcoming)/S-RiseSkywalker/D-Nutcracker4Realms

Richard Armitage

Peter Serafinowicz

Special Mention..John Ratzenberger. Not just a Pixar legend.
P- All of them
D- Planes (SpinOff from cars but made by Disney)
S- Empire Strikes Back- I know right! Played Major Derlin of the rebels.

All of the above are on the cusp of 4 stars. Or will a 2 star performer leap the ranks? Who will be the first….well. Somebody already did it! This is a man who really has been in just about everything, and often behind the camera.
…John Favreu
M- MCU –  Multiple Happy Hogan appearances
S- Solo – As the voice of Rio Durant
D- Jungle Book – He directed AND voiced a Pygmy Hog.
And here is the elusive number 4. From way back in 2000.
P – Buzz Lightyear of Star Command. 5 episodes as Crumford Lorak.

And there we have it, the measuring sticks of Disney greatness. We hope to see many many more climbing this incredible ladder.

Do let us know in the comments if you know of anyone we missed.

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Image: Lauren Javier https://bit.ly/3f4fcHn

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